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Ms. A’s Tutoring understands children learn differently. Some wiggle. Some observe. Some like to talk while working through problems. Others like to sit quietly and think. Our special learning labs give students the choice in how they learn.

Ms. A’s Tutoring is a young scholar’s laboratory, where students play an active role in their learning at the same time receive frequent, and personalized feedback. Because students engage with all non-­fiction text, students critically analyze information, create meaning and develop new learning.

Ms. A’s Learning Labs are flexible learning spaces that give students an element of authority over his or her learning, and the freedom from the confines of the school day as they engage in critical thinking. Ms. A’s provides students with a more personalized and active learning experience.

Ms. A’s Teachers are the best and brightest personalized instructors. The Learning Lab instructors connect learning to real world experience through the use of technology and one-­to-­one teacher support through the use of digital tools and digitally-­‐delivered content so that the end result is mastery of skills!

Learning Labs addresses and location maps:

4285 Bromley Court, Vallejo, CA 94591

1910 Herrera Drive, Woodland, CA 95776