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Our Story

I remembered the moment I realized my daughter lacked confidence in mathematics. She revealed it, unknowingly, when she told her teacher she could only write and recognize numbers 0-10. And that’s exactly what she did... nothing more, nothing less.

When I asked her why she did it, she was silent and bowed her head. I then realized my daughter was shy and uncertain about her ability. And I felt responsible for her apprehension.

I wondered, “How did I miss this?” “How long has this been going on?” How many other parents have seen in their own child’s eyes a sense of insecurity and not known how to help.

Ms. A’s Tutoring is your solution to building your child’s self-confidence through literacy and mathematics. Our programs are designed to bring out the best in your child!

Why Ms. A's Tutoring?

Ms. A’s knows your child is amazing! We know he or she loves learning and mastering skills. We pride ourselves in knowing how to best engage your child and give him or her the tools to achieve big dreams. We have proven success with accelerating student learning. Our personalized study plans are based on assessments of your child’s abilities. We target exactly what they need and build a program to enhance their performance.

Ms. A’s Tutoring Program includes:

  • Pre- and post-assessments provide insight into your child's academic strengths and areas of development
  • Instructors who keep your child engaged and motivated to learn
  • Personalized learning plan addresses your child’s needs
  • Ongoing evaluations and program updates to ensure learning is challenging for the learner, not frustrating
  • Blended learning which combines digital content and feedback and face-to-face instruction